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ChromaBlast Paper for Sawgrass SG3110/SG7110, SG400/SG800 and SG500/SG1000 SubliPrinters

ChromaBlast heat transfer paper is the professional’s choice for digitally printing white and light coloured t-shirts, tote bags and other cotton fabrics. ChromaBlast digital garment printing solution rivals that of expensive direct to garment printing systems.

Unlike conventional heat transfer paper found in your local office supply or craft store, ChromaBlast’s patented chemical process sets it apart from any other form of digital cotton printing. As heat and pressure are applied during pressing, a cross-link occurs between the cotton, ink and media which transfers and binds the image into the cotton fibers.

ChromaBlast Transfer Media is available in 8.5″ x 11″ (A4) or 11″ x 17″ (A3+) sheets and comes in packs of 100 sheets of A4 and 100 sheets of A3.

Commercial Colourfastness

ChromaBlast stands apart from other digital transfers with its commercial quality colorfastness. Keep customers coming back with prints that stand up to repeated washing.

High-Yield  – Low Imaging Cost

For maximum yield and low imaging costs, ChromaBlast-HD inks have a high density of pigment dyes. Our high-yield gel formulation delivers the lowest possible image cost, a larger colour gamut, and ensures the most vibrant colours. With imaging costs typically less than 5% of the selling price, digital decorating with Sawgrass inks is more profitable than ever.

Sawgrass Support and Service

All Sawgrass inks come with access to Sawgrass Support, our comprehensive user support program. Our expert support team is available both online and via phone to offer real-time help with system troubleshooting, colour management software, full product warranty and more, for printers under OEM warranty.

Printing ChromaBlast Transfers

Once your ChromaBlast System is set up and in place, printing and transferring an image onto a white or light colored 100% cotton garment is a breeze. So just follow these simple steps, and you are on your way to creating one-of-a kind, beautiful and profitable products.

1. Load ChromaBlast Transfer Media paper into your printer. The printable side is opposite the ChromaBlast logo.

2. Create or import an image into your graphics application.

3. Click Print in your application and select the ChromaBlast Driver as the printing device.

4. Ensure that the Mirror option is selected in the ChromaBlast Power Driver, unless you have already reversed the image in your graphics application.

5. Print your ChromaBlast transfers.


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Paper Size

100 Sheets A3, 100 Sheets A4


100 Sheets A4, 100 Sheets A3