SubliCotton Transfer Paper


SubliCotton Transfer Media. Print onto white and light cotton products using Sublimation Inks

  • 190 Degrees C
  • Medium
  • 45 Seconds
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SubliCotton Transfer Paper for printing onto Cotton garments using a SubliPrinter.

This fantastic technique enables you to print onto white or light cotton garments using your existing Sublimation Printer and inks. All packs of SubliCotton paper include Polymer Powder.

The product is supplied in two parts. First the SubliCotton transfer paper which is used to print the image. Also a white polymer bonding powder which is then floated over the printed image.

How it works…

When the image is printed onto the transfer paper the inks remain wet. So remember to handle the printed image with care. The printed image is then coated in the white polymer. Only where there is wet ink does the polymer powder stick to the paper. This ensures that even intricate images will not have any powder on non-printed parts of the image as the powder only fixes to the wet inks which have been printed.

The result therefore is that where there is no ink on the paper nothing can be transferred into the cotton. This means there is no ‘hand’ or ‘feel’ which is always the case with other transfer methods. In those cases the whole sheet of transfer paper is a carrier of the inks and the adhesion process to the garment. Examples of this sort of process include laser transfers, ChromaBlast media, standard ink transfer papers.

Once the image has been coated in the polymer powder the image is laid carefully to the cotton item. This is pressed at 190 degrees Celsius for 40 seconds using medium/ firm pressure. This is a COLD peal process. Once you have printed and removed the item from your press, allow to cool completely and then peal back the transfer paper in a diagonal fashion. This will remove the paper from the garment and the vibrant image will be transferred.

You will note that the vast majority of the inks are removed from the SubliCotton transfer paper.

To use the SubliCotton approach further user instructions will be supplied for print settings. Currently this is supported for the the Sawgrass printers where we simply use Powerdriver or the Virtual Print Manager on the Sawgrass Virtuoso printers.


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Product Variation

100 Sheets of A4 SubliCotton, 100 Sheets of A4 SubliCotton + TRAY, 10 Sample Sheets of SubliCotton, 10 Sample Sheets of A4 SubliCotton + Tray, 50 Sheets of A3 SubliCotton, Additional 150g Bag of Polymer Coating Powder


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