Replacement Mug Wraps


Replacement Wraps for the DF1, DF12, DF14 and DF18 Mug Press.

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Replacement Mug Wraps or Mug Heater Blanket for the DF1+ Genius, DF12, DF14 and also the DF18 Mug Press.

These are replacement heat blankets for the mug presses that we supply and so we cannont guarantee that they are suitable for other mug presses.

Due to changes in manufacture over the years there are two different type of connectors that fit into the control box. SO PLEASE CHECK YOUR CONNECTOR! It will either have a 4 PIN or 5 PIN end connector fitting into your CONTROL BOX.

The additional or replacement mug wraps are:

  • Standard. This is used for most mugs including Durhams, 10oz, 11oz and up to the 15oz El-Grande mug.
  • Thick. This thicker blanket is used for thinner mugs such as the smaller diameter bone china mugs, child mugs as well as the 500ml water bottles.
  • Small Latte. This is used for the 10oz or 12oz latte mugs which have a conical shape.
  • Large Latte. This is used for the 17oz large latte mugs which have a conical shape.
  • Mini. This is used for the very small mini mugs or other round items which have a small diameter.
  • Shot. This is used for the small shot glasses or other small conical shaped items


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Large Latte, Mini, Shot, Small Latte, Standard, Thick


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