DF16 Mug Press

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Combination 6 in 1 Mug Press based on our DF1+ Genius Mug Press.

  • 190 Degrees C
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DF16 Mug Press

Combination 6 in 1 Mug Press based on our DF1+ Genius Mug Press.

The DF16 comes with 6 mug heat blankets – the standard mug blanket and the thicker mug blanket for printing onto thinner mugs and water bottles, plus the small latte, large latte, shot glass and mini mug heat blankets.

Our DF16 Genius Mug Press offers excellent value for money for printing sublimation or laser transfer mugs, bottles and glasses of all shapes and sizes. Ideal for all our standard mugs including the 11oz, European, Durham, Colour Change (Reveal Mugs), Money Banks and with the thicker (5oz to 10oz) mug blanket you can also print onto thinner mugs like Sparta, 500ml water bottles etc. We also supply the shot glasses and mini mugs.

Not just ordinary mugs…

One simple mug press with a great range of printing options – Genius!

How it works…

The digital control has 3 settings – an idle temperature, operating temperature and timer. You can set the idle temperature the same as the operating temperature if you prefer (with a safety mug in place to protect the blanket). However we certainly recommend setting the idle temperature low (say 110 degrees). The operating temperature should be set at around 170 degrees. The mug press should NOT be operated at temperatures above 120 degrees without a mug in place.

Once the idle temp has been reached the unit beeps every second or so to let you know it is idling. You now simply press the start/stop button on the right of the panel to start the heating up process. Once the operating temperature has been reached the timer starts to count down and sounds a continuous tone when the time has been reached. Simply press the start/stop button again and the unit returns to the idle temp ready for the next mug.

This mug press is calibrated to work in Celsius. We recommend the idle temperature to be set to 110C and the operating temperature of 170C for a time of 140 seconds. Mug blanket warranty is 3 months or 500 mugs whichever occurs sooner. Replacement blankets are also available.

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