Stretch Fit Sublimation T-Shirt


Fitted stretch fit t-shirt. Small sizes available now on promotion

  • 190 Degrees C
  • Medium
  • 60 Seconds
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Stretch Fit Sublimation T-Shirt in a slimline style for ladies or girls.

These t shirts are available in small sizes (approx 38cm and 40cm across the chest) and approx 48cm and 51cm from the neck to the base of the t-shirt.

The soft stretch cotton feel material ensures a tight fit and the bright white material ensures a vibrant sublimation image transfer.

Sold in two sizes:

Size 38 (length 48cm)
Size 40 (length 51cm

We have a small number of the stretch fit sublimation t-shirt available as a new range in two small sizes.

Samples available at a fantastic price to get started. Other Sublimation T-Shirts also available

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Size 38S, Size 40M


Size 38S, Size 40M