Sublimation Flock


White Sublimation Flock Sheets for sublimation printing.

  • 200 Degrees C
  • Medium
  • 40-50 Seconds
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White Sublimation Flock Sheets for sublimation printing.

These sheets are sold in the size of 200mm x 250mm.

Sublimation flock enables you to produce full colour images onto dark clothing and also other coloured items. To use, produce your image as normal onto sublimation paper (in reverse). Lay the image on top of the sublimation flock and press in your flat bed heat press for 35 – 40 seconds at 200 degrees. You then remove the paper from the sublimation flock.

Your image will have been transferred to the flock. As the flock has a backing sheet to it, the glue backing will not have activated. You can then cut around the image shape with a guillotine or other cutting device. Once this has been cut, remove the backing sheet to the flock, lay on to your garment and press for 10 – 15 seconds at 170 degrees. The flock will now be stuck to your garment, just like ordinary flock.

The sublimation flock does not have the same raised brushed velvet feel as normal flock, but it does have a velvet feel once pressed.

Simple straight line cuts are possible with a guillotine. But if you want to cut irregular shapes, such as badges, circles, shields etc. then this can be done with a cutter. We recommend you cut the image in reverse through the backing sheet of the sublimation flock first.

The final transfer is washable at up to 80 degrees. However we would recommend normal wash care instructions supplied with your clothing. Do not use bleach and reverse iron.


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Linear Metre of Sublimation Flock, Sheet of Sublimation Flock 200mm x 250mm


Sheet of Sublimation Flock 200mm x 250mm, Linear Metre of Sublimation Flock


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