Air Fresheners or Ornament


Sold in packs of 10 and supplied with red ribbons.

  • 190 Degrees C
  • Medium/Firm
  • 60-70 Seconds
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Air Fresheners with a difference or just a dangling ornament made from Subli Fabric Board (SFB)

The Subli Fabric Board material for these ornaments provides a matte print finish with good image resolution and they are fully printable on both sides. They have a small hole at the top enabling you to tie them with the red ribbon supplied. These come supplied in packs of 10 hence you can print a variety of designs.

3D Heart and Triangle Ornament
These come supplied as flat and are printed just as you would print any other flat item. They are printable on both sides as standard. When these are warm from pressing they are flexible so you can bend the triangle along the ‘scored’ lines into a 3D shape. The heart ornament is printed in the same way and when warm the heart can be twisted to rotate making it into a 3D shape. When it cools the heart part remains fixed in position making the product look very attractive. The videos below show the finished product.

The main body of the Ball shape measures 76mm in diameter and a total of 85mm top to bottom. This includes the eyelet where the ribbon is attached.

…and if you want to provide a special touch then you can add aromatic scented oils to the product after printing. The product will absorb the oils. Thus enabling you to upsell these scented as a new product entirely. An excellent addition to your  range of sublimation blanks.

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3D Heart (10x), 3D Triangle (10x), Ball (10x)


Ball (10x), 3D Heart (10x), 3D Triangle (10x)


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