SubliPlastic is a thin (0.3mm) plastic material with a gloss surface for sublimation printing.

  • 190 Degrees C
  • Medium
  • 70 Seconds
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SubliPlastic Lampshade

SubliPlastic is a thin (0.3mm) plastic material with a gloss surface for sublimation printing.

This new material looks slightly white but that is so the image, once printed, stands out well. Subliplastic is printed in a standard flat bed press. We recommend that a sheet of standard paper is first laid on the base of the press. The Subliplastic is then laid gloss face up with the printed image pressed down onto it.

Subliplastic is available in sheet and cut form. It is also available as pre cut sheets direct at manufacture point to create LED light shades! (LEDs not supplied)

The Subliplastic will be soft when it has been printed and to ensure is cools perfectly flat you should lay this onto a cold surface. We’d recommend weighing it down with a reasonably heavy item on top so that it cools flat. For example, lay onto a solid surface with a hard back book over the top to keep flat whilst cooling.

This product has many uses. You can cut to any shape in a cutter, the end product is washable (please wash in warm soapy water with a non-abrasive cloth). Ideal for children as a placemat where an easy clean item is needed.

The coasters and placemats are supplied with rounded edges.

The pre-cut lampshades have protruding tabs to allow easy assembly. The sheet form and linear metres (linear metres are approximately 300mm wide) are straight edged cut from the roll and are for customers who wish to cut to shape. As such the measurements are not precise (allow up to a couple of mm variation).


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Pre-Cut Lampshade, 200mm x 300mm Sheet, Linear Metre (600mm width), 100mm Coaster, 190mm x 227 Placemat, 190mm x 280mm Placemat, 290mm x 420mm Placemat, Sample Offcut (One per order)


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