Apple iPad Cases Sublimation


Apple iPad Cases for sublimation

  • 190 Degrees C
  • Medium/Firm
  • 60-70 Seconds


Apple iPad Cases Sublimation

These iPad Cases are supplied in black or white plastic. They come with a sheet of thin white sublimation metal for printing onto. These cases are printed in exactly the same way as the iPhone, iPod and full size iPad covers. The metal insert is printed then stuck onto the case using a sticky adhesive panel.

The iPad Mini Magnetic Flip Cases available in light blue and light green. These iPad Mini Magnetic Flip Cases are as shown in the image. They come with a white printable metal insert which is fixed to the back of the main section for full customisation.

The iPad is clipped into the cover holding it rather very firmly. The printed metal insert sticks to the back of the cover. The plastic case has a peelable adhesive surface which the printed aluminium is hence fixed to to give a fully customised case.

Cases available for the following models, iPad 2/3/4,iPad Mini, iPad Air

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Hard Case for iPad 2/3/4 BLACK, Hard Case for iPad Mini BLACK, Hard Case for iPad Mini WHITE, Hard Case for iPad Air WHITE, Hard Case for iPad Air BLACK, Magnetic iPad Mini Case BLUE, Magnetic iPad Mini Case GREEN


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