Neoprene Mobile Phone Pouch




Neoprene Mobile Phone Pouch are made from mousemat type material stitched to make a pouch or sleeve to protect your mobile phone.

Each pouch is made of 3mm thick neoprene with white printable top surface and has a single printable face. The back side of the pouch is black so you have just a single area to customise.

Each pouch is printed the same way so you should make your image at least 3mm larger than the neoprene mobile pouch. This will ensure you are able to position the paper and fully cover the whole of the white printable area.

Different sized neoprene mobile pouches are available for a variety of sized mobile phones. Therefore simply measure the length and width of your device and select the pouch which is the ideal size.

  • 80mm x 120mm – available with white or black stitching
  • 90mm x 150mm

We also have a neoprene pouch measuring 85mm x 170mm which would also be suitable as a mobile phone pouch. This is available as a glasses pouch.


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80mm x 120mm Black Stitch, 80mm x 120mm White Stitch, 90mm x 150mm


80mm x 120mm White Stitch, 80mm x 120mm Black Stitch, 90mm x 150mm, 85mm x 170mm


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