Sublimation Times and Temperatures

There are many variables to printing sublimation items as this is an Art rather than a precise Science. The temperature and time combinations below are a guide but you many find that depending on your heat press equipment you need a different combination. Keep a written record of what works best for you,

Sublimation Times and Temperatures


  • MUGS

    European, 11oz, Sparta, Latte, Espresso, El-Grande, Beer Steins

    In our mug presses we recommend: Idle temperature of 110 degrees.

    Operating temperature of 170 degrees.

    Time of 140 seconds from the time the mug is placed in the mug press (at idle temperature).

    In other mug presses, a time of 3-3.5 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees is recommended. Good firm pressure.

    As a guide for Ricoh printers we would recommend:

    Idle temp of 110 degrees, operating temp of 170 degrees time of 140 seconds.

    WOW/ Reveal: same as European but lighter pressure.

  • MUGS

    Bone China Mugs (DF12 Blanket) Sawgrass Ink Press at 170 degrees for 120 seconds, medium pressure.


    Press at 200 degrees for four minutes, medium pressure.


    Cook in oven for 16-18 minutes at 190 degrees.

Hard Materials

  • WOOD

    Most wooden products are pressed at 190 -200 degrees for 50-60 seconds with firm pressure.


    Coasters, Placemats, Clocks, Basketball Goals, Jigsaws, Key Hangers, Wall Hangers, Easels, Post It Note Holders, Plaques.


    Press 190 degrees for 50-60 seconds, medium/firm pressure.


    Luggage Tags, ID Badges, Fridge Magnets, Keyrings, Door Plates, Door Hangers, Christmas Ornaments, Clocks.


    Press at 190-205 degrees for 3.5 to 4 minutes, heavy pressure.


    Clocks, Chopping Boards, Tiles

    Glass Mugs press at 160 degrees for 4 minutes, medium pressure. (Preheat at 60/80 degrees for 5-6 minutes).

    Whisky Glass Press at 155 degrees for 4 minutes medium/light pressure. (Preheat at 60-80 degrees for 5-6 minutes).


    Press at 190 degrees for 50-60 seconds, medium/firm pressure. If you find the image looks a little blurred then reduce the time to around 40-45 seconds.


    Keyring inserts, Book Marks, Car signs, Keepsake Box Inserts, All Custom Metals, Coasters, ID Badges, Fridge Magnets, Business Cards, Ruler Inserts, Pet Tags, Clocks, Plate Insert, Pendants.

    Travel Mugs Press at 180 degrees for 90 seconds, medium pressure.

    Lighter Press at 185-195 degrees for 115-125 seconds, heavy pressure.



    Press at 190 degrees for 50-60 seconds, firm pressure.


    Mousemats, Phone/MP3 Socks, Bottle T-Shirts, Arm Bands, Glasses Pouches, Can Coolers, Coasters, V-Neck Mini T-Shirts.

    Laptop Pouch, Netbook Pouch press at 195-210 degrees for 60-70 seconds, hard pressure.


    Press at 190 degrees for 50-60 seconds, medium/firm pressure.


    All T-Shirts (Including Mini-Ts, soft toy and keyring shirts), Tea Towels, Towels, Pillow Cases, Cushion, Covers, Christmas Stockings, Flags, Canvas, Hi-viz Jackets, Flip Flops, Tote Bags, Aprons, Bottle Aprons, Gym Bags, Bibs.

    Frisbee, Car Sunscreen press at 190 degrees for 30 seconds, medium pressure.

    Umbrellas, Lanyards, Ties, Lens Cloths, Press at 180-190 degrees for 40-50 seconds, medium pressure.

    Small Shoulder Bags, Medium Shoulder Bags, Pencil Case/Clutch Bags, Children’s Back Packs, Wallets, Reporter Bags Press at 190 degrees for 60-70 seconds, very firm pressure.


    Cotton Flex press at 170 degrees for 20 seconds, medium/firm pressure.

    Cotton Flock Cool peel then press again for 10 seconds

    Nylo Flex press at 135-145 degrees for 20 seconds, firm pressure. Warm peel then press again for 10-20 seconds.

    Sublimation Flock press at 170 degrees for 15-20 seconds, medium/firm pressure.

    Sublimation Sticker press at 190 degrees for 50 seconds, medium/firm pressure.

    Subli-Dark press at 185 degrees for 25 seconds (20 for cotton/poly blends), medium firm pressure. Overlay with silicon sheet whilst pressing.