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Edible Paper for your printer using Edible Inks

We supply two types of A4 edible papers. Decor Paper Plus and also Edible Wafer Paper. Both of these products are also VAT FREE.

Decor Paper Plus

Decor Paper PLUS is slightly thicker than regular printing paper hence reducing feeding problems in your printer to a minimum. For a high quality edible paper for photo cake decoration, Decor Paper Plus additonally has a smooth white surface which results in brilliant colour prints when used with edible ink from on photo cakes. These sheets can also be used on any similar type of frostings, rolled fondant, marzipan, whipped cream, and butter cream.

Shelf Life: 24 months from date of production: Pack size 25 sheets of A4.

It is highly recommended that once opened the Decor Paper is resealed so as to ensure suppleness is retained in the media and ensure trouble free printing. These products are suitable for people with nut allergies and also lactose intolerance. Furthermore, all listed edible papers are Kosher.

Wafer Paper

The Edible Wafer Paper is extremely versatile. It should only be used on dry surfaces on photo cakes, such as cupcakes or similar. Further uses also include: edible labels, place cards, menu cards or on bread, rolls or pastries. Wafer Paper is very inexpensive and is available in A4 (210 x 297 mm). Standard edible paper has a thickness of about roughly 0.4 mm

Ingredients: Potato starch, water, vegetable oil

Shelf Life 24 months from date of production: Pack size 25 sheets of A4

It is highly recommended that once opened the Wafer Paper is resealed to ensure suppleness is retained in the media so as to ensure trouble free printing.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for Decor Edible Paper…

How do I set my printer for the use of Decor Paper ?

Set your printer for regular/nonedible paper. Resolution should be set to “High”. Leave a stack of regular paper behind the Decor Paper Plus.

My printer does not feed Decor Paper Plus. What can I do?

1. Load a stack of regular paper behind Decor Paper Plus into the sheet feeder of your printer, or slide the Decor Paper Plus sheet into the cut sheet feeder and load one sheet at a time.

2. It might happen that the pickup rollers of your printer are covered with sugar deposits (ususally after many prints on edible paper) and so won’t feed paper anymore. Cleaning the rollers can be done with a piece of A4 cardboard slightly sprayed with alcohol. Feed the cardboard into the sheet feeder and push the print button several times. Prevent the cardboard from being fed into the printer by holding it tightly. Rubbing against the cardboard should automatically clean the rollers.

How do I remove the backing paper from the Decor Paper?

Don’t use a knife to peel the backing paper from the Decor Paper. If the backing paper doesn’t peel off easily, place the sheet in a dry freezer for about 10 seconds.

What type of frostings do you recommend using with Decor Paper?

Decor Paper can be used on all kinds of frostings like marzipan, chocolate, as well as fresh cream and buttercream. We recommend  testing your desired application thoroughly before you make a larger production.

Other considerations…

Can I store a photo cake with Decor Paper in a cake box?

No. Do not cover the photo cake.

Can I put Decor Paper on a frozen cake?

Yes, but avoid covering the cake (e.g. in a cake box).

How do I store a cake with Decor Paper?

Decor Paper photo cakes can be stored in a dry freezer/cooler (e.g. truffle cooler). Humidity will create wavy sheets and  ultimately blur the print.

How can Decor Paper Plus be stored after printing?

Printed Decor Paper certainly can be stored in a dry freezer (e.g. truffle cooler).

What do I do if Decor Paper is dry and brittle?

Store the sheets for a short time in a refrigerator. Be sure to keep theDecor Paper sealed in the ZipLock airtight bag. The sheets should be stored cool and dry. Absolutely DO NOT use dry and brittle sheets in your printer.

Is Decor Paper Plus EU, FDA and Kosher approved?


Is Decor Paper Plus GMO free?

Most certainly. Decor Paper does not have any GMO ingredients. It is therefore GMO free.

Please click Ingredients to get the product specification


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for Edible Wafer Paper…

Which type of cake covers/frostings do you recommend for Wafer Paper?

Wafer Paper can be used on dry frostings (marzipan, chocolate, or Arctic White/sugar paste). Any type of moisture should  absolutely be avoided when using Wafer Paper. Definitely DO NOT put Wafer Paper on fresh cream or buttercream cakes.

How do I set my printer for printing on Wafer Paper?

Set your printer to regular/nonedible paper. Also your resolution should be set to “High”

Can Wafer Paper be put on bread?

Wafer Paper can certainly be baked together with bread. It is also often used for personalized party breads. Hence we recommend testing any application, you never know what it may work for!

How do I put Wafer Paper on a dry frosting like sugar paste?

Moisten sugar paste (e.g. Arctic White) slightly with water before adding Wafer Paper.

Why does Wafer Paper curl when printed?

If the density of your printout is very high, Wafer Paper will probably curl. To flatten the surface, allow the printed sheet to dry completely and then place a book or similar item on top for a few minutes or so.

What is the gauge/thickness of a Wafer Paper sheet?

The standard paper is approximately 0.4 mm, the Premium paper app. 0.7 mm

Which ingredients are used in Wafer Paper?

Please click Ingredients to get the Edible Paper specification.

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Decor Paper Plus, Wafer Paper


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