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Jettec Inkjet Cartridges. With JetTec excellent quality comes as standard.

As we are an official distributor of JetTec cartridges YOU will benefit from 100% warranty satisfaction we can offer on these cartridges. If you’re concerned about invalidating your Epson printer warranty by using one of these cartridges, then worry no more! JetTec will repair or replace your printer if their cartridges cause any damage to your printer.

Please note this guarantee ceases to take effect if the JetTec products have been purchased from unlicensed Internet traders. You have complete peace of mind with your purchases from us as we are officially recognised suppliers.

During the course of printing the ink level will approach about 20%, at this point the ink level in the status monitor will freeze, even though ink is being used in printing. The ink being used is the ‘Extralife’. Eventually when the ‘Extralife’ ink has been used up the ink level will start dropping again and the exclamation mark will appear showing that the ink is getting low. Finally when the ink has all been used the red cross will appear.


Please note:- All JetTec cartridges may be subject to a 2-4 day lead time.

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Canon, Epson, HP


C540XL Black, C541XL Tri-Colour, C510Black, C511 Tri-Colour, CP520 Large Black, CL521 Cyan, CL521 Magenta, CL521 Yellow, CL521 Small Black, CP525 Large Black, CL526 Cyan, CL526 Magenta, CL526 Yellow, CL526 Small Black, E71 Cyan, E71 Magenta, E71 Yellow, E71 Black, E80 Cyan, E80 Magenta, E80 Yellow, E80 Black, E80 Light Cyan, E80 Light Magenta, E18 Cyan, E18 Magenta, E18 Yellow, E18 Black, E128 Cyan, E128 Magenta, E128 Yellow, E128 Black, E129 Cyan, E129 Magenta, E129 Yellow, E129 Black, H21 Black, H22 Tri-Colour, H300XL Black, H300Xl Tri-Colour, H301XL Black, H301XL Tri-Colour, H901XL Black, H901XL Tri-Colour, H920XL Cyan, H920XL Magenta, H920XL Yellow, H920XL Black, H932XL Black, H933XL Cyan, H933XL Magenta, H933XL Yellow, H940XL Cyan, H940XL Magenta, H940XL Yellow, H940XL Black, H950XL Black, H951XL Cyan, H951XL Magenta, H951XL Yellow, H350XL Black, H351XL Colour, PGI-550XL Black, CLI-551CXL Cyan, CLI-551MXL Magenta, CLI-551YXL Yellow, CLI-551KXL Black, H934XL Black, H935XL Cyan, H935XL Magenta, H935XL Yellow, H903XL Cyan, H903XL Magenta, H903XL Yellow, H903XL Black, PGI-570XL Black, CLI-571XL Tri-Colour, H45 Black, H56 Black, H57 Tri-Colour, H58 Photo Cartridge, H78 Tri-Colour, H336 Black, H337 Black, H338 Black, H339 Black, H342 Tri-Colour, H343 Tri-Colour, H344 Tri-Colour


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