Ricoh Waste Tanks


Ricoh GXe3300 and SG3110 Ink Collection Unit

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Ricoh Waste Tanks

The waste tanks or ink collection units collect small amounts of ink during normal operation of the printer. This keeps your printer head clean and ensures optimum printing when you need it. These sealed units are easily replaced and we supply different waste tanks for different models of printers.

Firstly the Ricoh RIC405783 Ink Collection Unit, compatible with:- Ricoh SG3110Dn, Ricoh SG7110Dn, Sawgrass SG400 Virtuoso Colour Printer, Sawgrass SG800 Virtuoso Colour Printer

Secondly the Ricoh RIC405700 Ink Collection Unit, compatible with:- Ricoh GXe3300, Ricoh GXe3350, Ricoh GXe2600, Ricoh GXe7700

Finally the Ricoh RIC405663 Ink Collection Unit, compatible with:- Ricoh GX7000 Ricoh GX5050

Please be careful to check you have the correct waste tank when ordering from the drop down menu.

Additional information

Printer Model

GX5050/ GX7000, GXe3300/ GXe7700, SG400/ SG800/ SG3110/ SG7110


SG400/ SG800/ SG3110/ SG7110, GX5050/ GX7000, GXe3300/ GXe7700


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