Silicon Rubber Pads/ Wraps


1.6mm thick silicon rubber pad for multiple uses.

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These Silicon Rubber Pads/ Wraps is available in multiple sizes for different purposes.

In large sheet format we use these when pressing flock onto items such as fleeces. This can prevent the pile of the fabric being depressed too much, which can be a real bugbear. In smaller sizes it can be used as an insert inside wallets to give a perfectly flat pressing area. Also it can be used inside cushions and tote bags plus anything else where a flat surface is needed. The larger sheets can be cut to smaller sizes if you are unsure which size you need at present.

The mug wrap size (140mm x 300mm) is used to enable you to print onto mugs and water bottles that are thinner than standard mugs. They pad out the mug press so that you get a good, firm contact between the heat element and the surface of the product. To use, position your image around the product as normal and hold in place with heat tape. Then simply wrap the mug/ water bottle with the silicon rubber.. You will need to increase the temperature and cooking time of your press when using these wraps, obviously not all presses are created equal so you may need to play around to get the perfect settings.

Ensures a perfectly flat area for printing which is why these are an absolute must when pressing photo slates. Without the Silicon Rubber Pads/ Wraps we often found that sublimation paper could stick to the slate after pressing. However, ever sine introducing the silicon pad we’ve had nothing but 100% results.

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140mm x 300mm (Mug Wrap), 100mm x 100mm, 210mm x 297mm (A4), 297mm x 420mm (A3), 400mm x 600mm


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