DF14 Mug Press

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DF14 Mug press comes with a standard 11oz blanket, a thicker 6oz blanket for smaller mugs, plus a small latte and a large latte blanket.

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DF14 Mug Press

Combination 4 in 1 Mug Press based on our DF1+ Genius Mug Press.

This new mug press comes with 4 heat blankets:-

  • Standard mug press blanket
  • Thicker mug press blanket for printing smaller, thinner mugs, e.g. child mugs, bone china mugs, water bottles
  • Small conical shaped blanket for printing onto the small Latte style mugs
  • Large conical shaped blanket for printing onto the larger size Latte style mugs.

This mug press also comes with a 12 month warranty (blankets come with a 3 month warranty) and the heat blankets are very easy to transfer over.

The digital control unit on the mug press enables you to set a lower idle temperature and an operating temperature. When the handle of the press is engaged with a mug in place the temperature rises to the operating temperature and the timer starts when this temperature is reached.

The press is fully adjustable for different thicknesses of mugs and replacement blankets are available.

This mug press is calibrated to work in Celsius so we recommend the idle temperature to be set to 110C and the operating temperature of 170C.

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