SubliLinen Adult Apron

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Adult SubliLinen Apron for sublimation

  • 190 Degrees C
  • Medium
  • 70 Seconds

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SubliLinen Adult Apron.

A thicker 100% polyester barley coloured Adult Apron made of the Subli-Linen material with black side ties and a black neck strap.

These measure 40cm x 78cm and are fully printable. The hessian material gives the SubliLinen Aprons a very mediterranean, Japanese or maybe even an Egytian feel. These products even looks classy left unprinted.

These SubliLinen Aprons would handily fit an adult from medium size upwards. Despite the fact they are a great quality light weight hessian style material, they are definitely 100% luxury polyester! Ideal for sublimation.

Top Tip:- We would strongly recommend inserting silicon paper or a teflon sheet under the apron during pressing to ensure that the apron does not meld to anything under heat and pressure.

Remember to insert silicon paper or similar to stop the apron fusing together during pressing.

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