90mm Square Cork Backed Coaster

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90mm Square Cork Backed Coasters for sublimation

  • 190 Degrees C
  • Medium
  • 60-70 Seconds

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90mm Square Cork Backed Coaster

These new coasters are made from UniSub board for BMS. They come with cork backing pre-affixed. Hence saving the hassle of having to apply it subsequent to pressing, the cork covers the whole of the coaster base giving an attractive finish as it reaches all the way to the edging. If you are looking for coasters without cork then we also sell these in 90mm or 100mm sizes.

The edges of the 90mm square cork backed coaster are straight rather than chamfered, giving a nice clean line to the coaster and allowing for precise and crisp prints. Be careful removing the heat tape post pressing to prevent damage to the backing.

Don’t forget to remove the protective film before pressing!

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