Acrylic Bowl and Dish


Acrylic Dishes

  • 190 Degrees C
  • Medium
  • 90 Seconds
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These fantastic, brand new acrylic bowl and dishes sublimate beautifully. They make tremendous vibrant gifts but are also practical for use in the home.

These crystal clear acrylic photo panels are approx 3mm thick, 190mm diameter and are printed on the reverse (do not mirror image the print) so they show through the acrylic panel giving a 3D image effect.

As these products are made from acrylic sheets. So once printed, they can be curved to shape when they are warm using the special jig available separately. The Jig enables the round flat printed item to be shaped into a bowl after printing. When the acrylic panel has been printed and is still warm it is bendable. Hence the item is laid inside the shaping jig and using the supplied ‘former’ you press on top of the printed acrylic into the jig. Therefore the bowl shape is formed into the curve of the jig. Leaving the item in the jig for around 1 minute will allow it to cool to room temperature thus keeping the shape.

There are several options available with these products:

1. Round Acrylic Plate without hole.
2. Round Acrylic Plate WITH centre hole.
3. Round Petal Acrylic Plate without hole.

All the above can be formed into a bowl.

The Plates without a centre hole can made into a stand alone bowl or can be supplied flat with a black plastic stand to show off the image. The Plate WITH a centre hole can be made into a bowl supported on a clear stand as shown.

Acrylic rectangular dishes also available.

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Petal Edged Dish (no hole), Round Dish (no hole), Round Dish (with hole & stand), Round Jig Kit


Petal Edged Dish (no hole), Round Dish (no hole), Round Dish (with hole & stand), Round Jig Kit


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