Sublimation Candle Holders


Ceramic Sublimation Candle Holders – 2 sizes available

  • 170 Degrees C
  • Medium/Firm
  • 140 Seconds
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Sublimation Candle Holders

These two styles of ceramic Sublimation Candle Holders are made to be printed in a mug press. Therefore we would recommend the thicker DF12 mug press blanket. Or if using a standard mug press, introduce an additional silicon mug wrap. This will help to pad out the thinner body of the candle holder. Also this allows a good, firm contact between the candle holder and mug wrap.

We have two sizes are available. One measuring approximately 45mm tall while the other approximately 90mm tall. Both are similarly recessed at the top to accommodate a tealight. The diameter of each is approximately 75mm. If using a silicon wrap to press the Sublimation Candle Holders increase the recommended temperature by roughly 15 degrees and add 30-40 seconds in time.

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Long Candle Holder, Short Candle Holder


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