Acrylic Photo Panel


Clear printable acrylic photo panels that can be molded to shape

  • 190 Degrees C
  • Light/ Medium
  • 70 Seconds
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Acrylic Photo Panel

These crystal clear acrylic photo panels are approx 3mm thick. These are printed on the reverse (do not mirror image the print). This means they show through the acrylic panel giving a 3D image effect.

This product once printed, can be curved to shape using the special machine available separately.

When the acrylic panel has been printed and is still warm it is bendable so the item is laid inside the Arch Jig machine or simply bend into a shallow curve yourself (or leave it flat!). This enables the sheet to cool to the curve of the jig. Leave the item in the jig for around 10 seconds. It then cools to room temperature keeping the shape and enabling the printed photo panel to stand alone.

Available in sheet form size 7 inches x 5 inches

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Curve Jig, Single Panel


Single Panel, Curve Jig


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