UniSub Sublimation Door Hangers


White High Gloss Door Hangers from UniSub and the compressed fibre style version from BMS

  • 190 Degrees C
  • Medium/Firm
  • 60-70 Seconds
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These white, high gloss plastic UniSub Sublimation Door Hangers are printable on both sides to give a choice of moods or messages. As with all FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic) products from UniSub, you can guarantee a wonderfully vibrant print. The hanger will fit over a door knob or a clothes hanger on the door/wall.

In the same design we now have the BMS compressed fibre range of door hangers. These produce a matte effect finish and are printable on both sides. They have the feel of a compressed beer mat rather than ridged plastic like the UniSub product.

Size 100mm x 230mm.

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BMS Compressed Fibre Door Hanger, UniSub FRP Door Hanger


UniSub FRP Door Hanger, BMS Compressed Fibre Door Hanger


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